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History Channel Lost Corvettes Giveaway

Win Prizes by joining History Channel Lost Corvettes Giveaway you can enter now, by followings terms and conditions to join this Online contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways. Participants must visit Thelostcorvettes.com. Interested candidates can submit their entry before the last date of submission.

History Channel Lost Corvettes Giveaway

How to enter In The Lost Corvette Heroes Giveaway?

This Sweepstakes is open only to legal United States residents of the District of Columbia and the fifty states except for Oregon. Must be 18 or older to enter. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning equal to one divided by the total number of tickets issued. This is for informational purposes only. For entry and official rules including free entry method visit CorvetteHeroes.com/rules. The Sponsor, National Guard Educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, One Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington DC 20001 USA, is a licensee of the LC brand. Prizes identified, logos, brands and other trademarks referred to within the LC drawing are the property of their respective trademark holders and are not sponsor of this promotion.

Hurry!! Join this contest before last date of submission by following steps and rules.

Eligibility:- 18 years of age or older at lost corvettes sweepstakes.

The lost corvettes giveaway Frequency:-

  • Start Date:- July 1, 2019
  • End Date:- September 20, 2021

Prizes:- WIN 1 OF 36 CORVETTES
We’re giving away ALL 36 Corvettes, one from each model year 1953-1989!
A once in a lifetime giveaway to benefit the National Guard Educational Foundation.

Official Rules
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WWW.Corvetteheroes.com give you a great chance to win Prizes. You can join The Lost Corvettes Giveaway aka Corvette Heroes Sweepstakes At Thelostcorvettes.com before the last date. If this Article is Helpful for You then Please Subscribe for latest updates and Share this With your Loved Ones!!


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  1. Corvettes

  2. could use a car as I don’t have one

  3. never had a chance to own one.

  4. It would be awesome to win. My hubby is disable he would just love this.

  5. They’re fantastic cars!

  6. I have never won anything and LOVE LOVE LOVE these corvettes.

  7. I would love to win one of these corvettes for my wife.

  8. my son loves corvettes

  9. This last year I lost my job, then my best friend died, my boyfriend got stage 4 lung cancer, and my granddaughter got meningitis and is now deaf. I just thank God she is alive! We could use something good to happen.

  10. never could afford to buy one so hope to win one .

  11. I am 75 and owning a corvette is on my bucket list. However, my bankroll won’t
    allow it. Thank you for the chance and your consideration. Many thanks.

  12. cars are like wife’s if you a great wife and nice corvettes and lose your wife with cancer after 50 years and your vet no words can make you any better

  13. could be dream come true

  14. Would love to win a corvette to cruise around in with my honey !

  15. Happy Veterans Day!

  16. Mary Beth i wish i could win one i love corvettes

  17. i always wanted to win a corvette

  18. please keep me informed if i’m a winner

  19. Can I have a red one, please.

  20. Mary Beth let me know if i won a corvettes

  21. Mary Beth wow i love vintage corvettes

  22. would love to own a corvette


  24. These corvettes are absolutely beautiful. The older corvette is just,amazing. Love the classy look of the “vintage vets”. Stunning automobile.


  26. this would be a Dream come true

  27. My dad had a 1967 corvette. 427/ 400 hp. He sold it when my mom got pregnant with me. Lost my dad 11 years ago. Even though I love the 1965 corvettes. I would love to own the 1967 Corvette because of my dad had to sale his because of me. As a rememberance to my dad. He had a lot of nice cars come and go. But that was the one he talked about the most.

  28. The true classic American sports car. I would be honored to own one of these. Each is a work of art.

  29. They all look great and I would be a proud owner.

  30. The Corvette has always been my DREAM CAR!! I would love to win one of these beautiful vehicles!! It would be an absolute dream-come-true!

  31. never won anything before this would be nice


  33. One of my dream cars. Love to have one, to ride with my wife .

  34. Always loved the corvettes !! Would love to have something to pass on to my Son !!! One of the vettes would be GREAT !!!THANK You !!!

  35. I had a 1958 corvette, I hireed a man to rebuild it but then he said he could not do it for the price he quoted me. I had bills to pay so I sold it.I had the frame powder coated, all the interior was removed, rebuilt engine rebuilt carb,instrument panel,front end done with roller ballbearings, all it needed was to be put back together and painted.

  36. Had three ‘Vettes …two 67s and one 68 … I live and breathe Corvettes !! Loved the History Corvette show…WOW !

  37. It would be great to own one of those cars

  38. I have always wanted a ‘72 with the chrome bumpers, that would be so kool.

  39. I had a 1958 corvette when I was 18yrs old but I decided to sell it because back then it was hard to find parts. Now it is so easy and there are so many repo parts that are available on the internet.

  40. owning any one of these corvettes would be an amazing life changing event I would share with everyone

  41. I Watch History Channel all the time. My favorite.
    Thank you. Wish me luck!

  42. The northeast isn’t the most ideal place to own a corvette but I would definitely enjoy the neck out of it for 3 of the seasons.

  43. Sure would be sweet to win!!!

  44. sure like that 66

  45. Oh, the history!!

  46. What a part of auto and US history, I would be so proud to own one.

  47. love to have a white one….

  48. Can use, mine is dead. Besides, my name is Barbie. It would be fun having one

  49. love corvettes wanted one all my life now I’m 72 just once let me drive one.

  50. MARY BETH I love corvettes i hope i win one i would be so happy

  51. Headed down Route 66 when I win mine

  52. It would be awesome to win a vette

  53. My husband would love to have one of these corvettes, it would be a dream come true for him.

  54. I am a 73 year old fart living on social security and having a corvette would make my life much happier!

  55. I am a 73 year old fart living on social security and a corvette would make my life happier.

  56. Hope I am a winner. Would love to have one.

  57. Would love to drive one of these sweet Corvettes!

  58. OMG 😲 they are awesome. Would love the ’64. That would be a dream come true.

  59. Real works of art…good folks doing the restorations too.

  60. I am 67 years old. I had a 65 and a 91 Corvette. I sold them to buy a RV and travel the country with my wife. Glad I did. Traveled for 12 years. My wife died last year from cancer.

  61. Love to win a corvette make a old man happy.

  62. Iam69years old and love old cars.

  63. the man I met had a white ’55 corvette with red interior and I just fell in love with him and his car we got engaged and then he passed away from a heart attack and his oldest sister sold the car what a disappointment to lose both of them.

  64. Really would love to win one. I have never won anything. I am due


  66. would love to win one of these amazing cars

  67. 1960 something.Aprocot Brandy Ran at drag strips in Cincinnati area. Would love to win one.

  68. One of my hometown buddies had a 1954 corvette when we were in high school. The sharpest car we had ever seen. Would love to have any old corvette but one near his would be unbelievable.

  69. love corvette’s never could afford one!

  70. I lie 2 win that corvette , john silver I am a disabled Vietnam vet.i love all corvettes,my dream to have one!

  71. Me always like corvettes,me no I won’t win, but at least me tried!!!!

  72. Have always liked the ’58-’62 series. I’m 65 now, and after 20 years military service, and maintaining Navy aircraft for 15 plus, not much time or $ to build one. Gonna give it a shot.

  73. always wanted one. they are a great contender. Have a mustang would love to add to my small collection

  74. I would love to have a Vette sitting in my garage!

  75. I would love my disabled veteran husband to have one he has never in his life had something that nice, Thank You

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